Richards-Wilcox, Inc.

Founded in 1880 in Aurora, Illinois, Richards-Wilcox, Inc. is a privately-owned manufacturer of high quality American-made products for businesses of all sizes. In the last century, our products have become a mainstay in every place one can think of – museums, barns, zoos, offices, historical buildings, hospitals, universities, aquariums, libraries, and more. No matter who we serve, our goal is simple: to keep your company competitive, productive and future-focused at all times.

We build hardware that holds strong.

We design storage solutions for every story.

We engineer conveyor systems for evolution.

We are Richards-Wilcox.

Aurora Storage Products

There’s a story behind everything we store.

From priceless vaccines to collected literature. Rare plants to ancient artifacts. Blueprints to sports equipment. In libraries, businesses, museums and more.

For over half a century, Aurora Storage has been protecting your stories with versatile, sturdy, and beautiful storage. Our team designs custom solutions that transform your space and make your organization more efficient than ever. We do this through a robust portfolio of products that include easy-to-assemble Aurora Quik-Lok® Shelving, versatile Aurora Mobile, elegant Wood-Tek™ wood-clad shelving, and the unique Times-2™ Rotary Cabinet.

Whatever your space needs, at Aurora Storage, there's a solution for every story.

Visit our website to find news, ideas and solutions for the stories that matter most.

Richards-Wilcox Conveyor

Industry 4.0 is here. Own it with the world's most evolved conveyor systems.

100 years ago, Richards-Wilcox Conveyor gave the world something no one had seen before. The overhead enclosed track conveyor.

Several generations and two industrial revolutions later, we continue to lead our clients into the future by engineering the world’s most efficient conveyor solutions. We build adaptability into our design, so your factory can evolve with the world around it. Our Safe-Rail®, Zig-Zag®, Twin-Trak®, Paintline™ and OveR-Way™ systems are flexible, and can be integrated with your technology and evolving floorplan, to keep your operations on track.

Designed for Adaptation. Built for the Future. Richards-Wilcox Conveyor is Engineered for Evolution.

RW Hardware

Since 1880, we’ve produced hardware that doesn’t just endure – it holds strong.

At RW Hardware, we make hardware that holds strong against any force you throw its way: avalanches. Infernos. Time. Even rhinos.

Since we fired up our first blast furnace 140 years ago, we’ve been forging the strongest, most durable products on the market. We are the leading manufacturer of specialty hardware and door accessories for slide, swing, and slide-fold doors used in zoos, aquariums, barns, stables, contemporary and historic buildings, as well as commercial, industrial, and residential settings nationwide.

Hinged on Quality. Engineered to Innovate. When the world comes knocking, we hold strong.

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